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Micro Greens : Flavours of the Western Europe
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Micro Greens : Flavours of the Western Europe


Microgreens – often called ‘Vegetable Confetti’ - are an exciting, colourful, gourmet alternative to sprouting and very popular amongst gourmet chefs. They are halfway in size between sprouts and baby greens, harvested usually within 2 weeks of sowing. They are commonly grown in seedling trays and differ from sprouts in that they are grown in sunlight and harvested with scissors when there are two or more true leaves.

Microgreens include many of the same leafy greens as those used for salad mixes but are cut at a smaller stage; but also more unique varieties that are chosen for their colour, flavour and texture. They are eaten as thin, delicate plants - as miniature variations on salad greens and herbs. They provide texture and colour when used as garnish, or exciting flavourswhen used as part of salad mixes. While sprouts are well known for their health benefits they are not as famous for their flavour - Microgreens are both healthy and a taste sensation.

Flavours of Western Europe contains Cress, Amaranth Red Garnet and Pea Morgan


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